La Casa Argentina, it's several different spaces with a unique atmosphere:

Caminito – Be enchanted by the sounds of seductive Argentine tango, the sight of the best Latin dances, and the sound of the bandoneón pulsating through your entire body.

Iguazu – Find yourself in the middle of Argentine nature, among waterfalls and live iguanas.

El Fumador – Enjoy a cigar and a glass of good alcohol in a unique private lounge.

Tomahawk steak

Tomahawk steak – This is a special cut from the best beef in the USA. Compared to lean meat, it's juicier due to marbling and the retention of part of the rib, making it more succulent than other steak meats (except Wagyu). The richer marbling in the meat from the USA is because the animals are corn-fed for the last 100 days before slaughter. Americans, as opposed to Europeans, prefer more fat in their meat, as they know fat carries flavor, making the meat from the USA exceptionally tasty and tender in the cut. The marbling in the Tomahawk steak is so pronounced that it can be seen with the naked eye.

Steak Kobe style beef from Gold Wagyu 9+

As Kobe beef, only the best meat from bulls in Hyogo Prefecture, whose capital is Kobe city, can be labeled. The export ban of meat from Japan is resolved by breeding in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia. The secret of its flavor lies in the breed and gentle upbringing, where the cattle are fed standard feed as well as doses of beer or sake. Tajima (Tajima-ushi), a type of black wagyu breed, has meat with significant marbling, i.e., the ratio of fat to muscle. Marbling has twelve degrees, the higher the fat ratio, the better the taste of the meat. Here, you can taste meat with a quality of 9+, which is very high.

Services of La Casa Argentina

We highly value the opportunity to welcome you, our wonderful guests, every day, so we offer various services to make you feel even better with us. Whether you want to organize an event in our restaurant, just come and enjoy the evening, savor an amazing food experience during the day, or take food away with you, we always strive to fully meet your needs.

Every day, we offer our customers the following events:


For celebrations of various sizes and styles, we have 5 amazing spaces available. La Casa Argentina is the ideal place for your private and corporate celebrations, also thanks to the extensive range of culinary specialties and drinks. Every day you can enjoy live dance performances, live music, capoeira dance demonstrations, and illusionist shows.

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Contact us for catering services. Our unique experiences in BBQ & Grill parties are unmatched. With us, you have the assurance of the best and most suitable ingredients, professional-level staff, and daily expertise from experts in meat processing.

Takeaway Food

We offer a wide range of products that we prepare and pack for you to take away, from dishes made from the best imported meat to soups and salads. The offer is limited to products suitable for this service, products that remain fresh and of high quality.

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