Restaurant La Casa Argentina

...these are three floors of the best steaks, good food, selected drinks, and entertainment in the rhythms of South America. A selection of the best beef from various countries and our assortment of cuts is unmatched far and wide. Thanks to the original Argentine grill "Parilla" heated with charcoal, our steaks have one unique ingredient that gives them an exceptional flavor. An ancient ingredient, fire.

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Visit the enchanting seaside pub, the piano bar in Buenos Aires, or the Parana River at the Iguazu Falls.

Tomahawk steak

Tomahawk steak – A special cut of the best beef from the USA.


Voucher worth 3990 CZK for two people at La Casa Argentina restaurant

Our restaurant Peru Peru

Just like the diverse nature and composition of the inhabitants, the Peruvian cuisine is also varied. We can find dishes from the period of the ancient Incas or from the times of Spanish conquerors and Japanese immigrants. Part of the traditional Peruvian menu are also peculiarities such as roast guinea pig, llama or coca tea.

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